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Husar is a military history magazine and it was first published in 2004 in Croatia where it was published every three months until 2011. Afterward, it stopped being published in Croatia and in 2013 it began its new life in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands where it is published regularly every three months. The magazine focuses on all historical periods and is not limited to a particular topic. It is also filled with great illustrations that adorn and enrich every article within it. Husar typically has between 80-90 pages, but twice a year a special edition titled “Husar Spezial” is published and it has approximately 100 pages and usually focuses on only one topic. Husar’s goal is to offer its readers a detailed account of historical events, information that often gets overlooked and a quality reading material, not just to pass the time, but to learn something new as well. The magazine’s editor in chief and illustrator is Velimir Vukšić who often collaborates with other authors authors in order to make every issue of Husar interesting and of the highest quality.