Kickstarter: “1918” The Book of 100 Posters from the past

Foto: kickstarter.com/projects/655445174/make-100-1918-the-book-with-100-illustrated-poster

1918. A Book Project of illustrated Posters.

Tim Hippmann, a media designer, has prepared a historical documentation of fascinating posters of political, social and also propaganda activities in 1918.  The book “1918” contains 100 posters from the period between 1917-1918. Not exactly every date could be defined, but the majority is from 1918.

Foto: kickstarter.com/projects/655445174/make-100-1918-the-book-with-100-illustrated-poster

100 years, 100 posters, 100 drawings. 

Thematically there is a great variety of posters, recruitment, war bonds, support for the Red Cross or the women in war.  A lot of the posters are from USA, but there are also European (including German) posters. By buying a book or a poster you can back this project.

Kickstarter page link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/655445174/make-100-1918-the-book-with-100-illustrated-poster

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