In unserem Webshop kann man ausschließlich die digitale Version (pdf) des Magazins “Husar” erwerben.

In HUSAR’s Webshop you can buy only digital (pdf) versions of old Husar issues, including Special Issues. You cannot buy printed copies of Husar magazine.

Your purchase will have a “pending” status until the seller (Carski Husar d.o.o.) approves your purchase. When the purchase is approved, the money will be transferred from your account to the sellers, and you will receive your download link for the digital (download) version of the magazine and invoice in the mail. The purchase should be approved in under 24 hours.

A demo video of how a digital (pdf) version of Husar looks on your computer. Press “Full screen mode” to view it in fullscreen. You can always “zoom in” and “zoom out” of your digital version of Husar.

How to download your Husar
When you order a Husar pdf, you will receive two e-mails.
You will receive “Thank you for your order” e-mail.  When your order is completed you will receive “Your order is complete” e-mail.
In the “Your order is complete e-mail” you will find a DOWNLOAD LINK for your Husar. CLICK the link and the download should begin automatically.